Our Diaper Donation Promotion Is Back!.    Thank you for  your interest.

Carelife Software Group will select one pregnancy resource organization at random, from a drawing of all entries submitted online at carelifesoftware.com, or ciswin.com  on or before Jun 5, 2017 to receive a gift certificate in the amount of $500.00 redeemable at Diapers.com or a vendor of your choice. The winner will be announced June 10, 2017. No purchase is necessary to win. 



  1.  Enter to win a donation of diapers is referred to here as The Contest. Carelife Software Group reserves the right to modify The Contest at its sole discretion. All announcements about The Contest will be made at carelifesoftware.com/Diaperdonation and our Facebook page Facebook.com/Carelifesoftware.

  2. Valid entry into The Contest is limited to a bona fide Pregnancy Resource Organization (The Organization) that can receive donations of diapers as a regular part of their mission. The Organization may consist of multiple Pregnancy Center locations that make up The Organization.

  3. Up to two authorized employees of The Organization may enter The Contest. An authorized employee is referred to here as The Person who submits an entry into The Contest. One Person must be a director level employee  i.e.  Executive Director, Director, Center Director, or Client Services Director of The Organization.  If more than two entries for The Organization are received, only the first two valid entries received will be allowed in The Contest.

  4. The Person submitting an entry must include their title, first, and last name along with their valid email address, and The Organization name in the form provided at Carelifesoftware.com or CISWIN.com.

  5. Double the chance to win The Contest is accomplished by  1) receiving a hosted, online demonstration of CISWINplus (Online Demo) ,or  2) by visiting the Carelife Software exhibit at the Heartbeat International annual conference in Chicago for a live demonstration of CISWINplus (Live Demo) in addition to submitting an entry into The Contest.  Request an Online Demo by calling 800-214-6082, or by submitting a request form at carelifesoftware.com/online demo. The Online Demo must be completed on or before May 5, 2017. Details about Heartbreat's annual conference can be found at www.heartbeatinternational.org.  The odds of winning double only for The Person who submits an online entry and then completes an Online Demo, or a Live Demo  at Heartbeat's annual conference. 

  6. Actual odds of The Organization winning The Contest vary depending on the total number of entries submitted. We anticipate total submissions to be less than 500, but there will be no limit placed on the total number of submission allowed. 

  7. The Organization can have up to maximum 4 possible chances to win  The Contest if  two entrants also see a CISWINplus demonstration. Actual odds are approximate and therefore calculated as  1 in 500, 2 in 500, 3 in 500, or 4 in 500. 

  8. The contest will be administered by :

Carelife Software Group, LLC.

4400 NE 77th Street, Suite 275, Vancouver, WA 98662.  

Ph. 800-214-6082.


Our pledge to you is that not only will we  make this a fun event, we will also adhere to the highest ethical standards and Christian values.

- Jeffery O. Smith President, Carelife Software Group


Enjoy and God Bless!

The winner will be announced June 10, 2017 at our Facebook page: