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How CISWINplus Organizes Clients, Cases, and Visits.

Client records contain one or more case records.

Case Records contain an initial visit record and any number of follow-up visit records, All case and visit records tie back to a client record.

A new client is any person visiting the center for the first time, and as set forth by Care Net*, a new client is also a repeat client establishing a new case regardless of prior pregnancies recorded at your center. A new case record and initial visit record are created for each new client intake.

A return client is following-up on a current open case (pregnancy or non-pregnancy related). Return clients are distinguished from repeat clients in the following way, repeat clients have been to your center before and now are at your center to establish a new case or intake for a new pregnancy.

*Note for Care Net Affiliates: Care Net will count a return client as a new client if they physically visit the center, complete an intake and receive a service such as a pregnancy test, options counseling, STD test, Ultrasound, etc. This equates to a new case record being created, and will count as a new client served in your statistics.

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