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Client types and visits; how are they counted in CISWINplus?

The live Center Statistics Report on the Analytics Tab of CISWINplus allows you to see your statistics for a snap shot in time by selecting a date range and choosing which statistics from the left had column that you want to view. The Summary Values contain values for a variety of key statisitics that are always fixed at the top of the report.

Today, we are going to examine the Summary Values for client visits along with Client Types from the left hand column.

Let's consider the following scenario:

Selected Date Range = This month

Eight (8) INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS a, b, c, d, e ,f, g & h, visited your center this month.

Clients a, b,& c are returning, FIRST-TIME CLIENTS, meaning their visit this month is related to their first pregnancy recorded at your center. It is not their first ever visit. Clients remain a first-time client as a client type so long as they have only a single case established at your center.

Client 'a' is here for the second time this month, so two visits are recorded in the date range.

Two clients (d & e) are NEW CLIENTS, they are at your center for the very first time, therefore, they are also FIRST-TIME CLIENTS. They took a pregnancy test, and received counseling. A new client record is established, a new case created, and an initial visit recorded for each.

Clients (f & g) are REPEAT CLIENTS; they're coming back to your center because of a new pregnancy. Therefore, a new case and an initial visit will be established for them. They have one or more prior cases (pregnancies) at your center. Care Net, and CISWINplus counts any new pregnancy (new case), as a NEW CLIENT regardless of prior cases recorded at your center.

NEW CLIENTS therefore are FIRST-TIME CLIENTS and REPEAT CLIENTS when they are visiting for a new pregnancy, and a new case is established in CISWINplus.

Client 'h' is a returning, REPEAT CLIENT; she is coming for services and programs related to her current pregnancy. She has one or more prior cases recorded at your center.

For this scenario, the Summary Values would be as follows:

Total client visits = 9 (a x 2 visits) +( b, c, d, e ,f, g, & h)

Individual Clients Served = 8 (a, b, c, d, e ,f, g, & h)

New Clients Served = 4 (d, e, f, & g)

Client Type:

First-time Clients = 5 (a, b, c, d, & e)

Repeat Clients = 3 (f, g, & h)

You should now understand the difference between a new client and a first-time client, and the difference between a returning client and a repeat client.

You can also see that new clients can be both first-time and repeat clients.

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