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Your Data. Verified.

CISWINplus gives you a data validation tool that helps you quality-check your data at any time after it is entered.

Garbage in, garbage out -

used to express the idea that in computing and other spheres,

incorrect or poor quality input will always produce faulty output.*

Quality of data ranks highest among concerns for users of databases and with CISWINplus, it is no different.

CISWINplus uses a simple graphic to indicate where data is missing and points out potential data conflicts. This is done inside the case record making any adjustments needed to fix the problem just a click or two away.

Open the data verification tool located inside a case record. Click the Care Net button to see the list of green check marks and red X's. Green check mark means You're good to go. Red X's indicate missing data. Conflicting data is mentioned in the notes panel adjacent to the list.

Care Net Affiliates, you have the added advantage of confirming whether data will be included or excluded from your annual report. The rules for inclusion are easily at hand by clicking on the purple question-mark. Centers not affiliated with Care Net still use the data verification tool it is just that the inclusion rules do not apply.

On the main dashboard, there's an at-a-glance visual cue provided in the preview panel, at the right side of your Cases list.

Notice that there is either a teal colored heart, a gray heart, or a red flag. The teal heart indicates that this record is complete and will be included in the annual Care Net report. The gray heart indicates that while complete, it will not be included based on rules for inclusion. The red flag indicates that there is either missing data, or data conflicts. Non-affiliated centers would only focus their attention on red flags as a potential for needed action.

You make the decesion based on circumstances as to whether you will add missing data. It may be that you simply did not collect that information from your client. Missing data does not necessarily prevent your reports from being accurate, but dedpending on what is missing it may.

A common red flag item is no final outcome recorded. Final outcomes are not always known of course, so for the purpose of your annual Care Net Report, or the Decesion Change Report, the last known stated intention will be used in leiu of Final Outcome. This is made clear in all such cases where it applies.

*quote taken from using search term 'garbage in, garbage out'.

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