Do you use EWYL incentives?

Your client's goal is within reach with CISWINplus.

Track Earn While You Learn activity in the client's record.

Customize your EWYL program to reflect your point/dollar system. Don't use EYWL modules? No problem, you simply use the programs you do offer.

Do you use Mommy Dollars, Baby Bucks, or something else? Enter Yours.

Track all of your program values and the each supply item purchased as you enter a client visit.

Print and share activity and their balance with the client.

Filter the statement by case, groups, and types of programs and supplies.

To see a live demonstration of this or to get help setting your EWYL incentive program up, go here and we can set up a meeting. Or, call 800-214-6082 and I'll be glad to help you.

Here's How to set your EWYL program up in CISWINplus:

First, consider what will constitute your incentive program. What programs do your client's participate in that would earn them dollars or points? For each program, include it among your list of programs and assign a value. What supplies can they redeem or purchase with the dollars or points they've earned? For each supply item, include it among your list of supplies and assign a value.

Go to: SETTINGS/LISTS/Programs/supplies. Click Programs tab and enter your programs.

To keep things organized you can group your programs. For example you may want all oof your EWYL modules in a group called EWYL.

Assign a dollar/point value.

Is this also your parenting program that you want to include in your Care Net report? Choose the Care Net Equivelent: Parenting Program.

After entering each program, click update and move on the next one on your list.

Now click on the Supplies tab and enter your supplies in the same fashion. You can group your supplies, and be sure to enter a point or dollar value.

You're almost done!

The final step is to tell CISWINplus what the name of your point or dollar value is. Is it Baby Bucks, Mommy Dollars, or somehting else? Enter yours at SETTINGS/preferences. Type the name of your monetary value in the field called EWYL Earnings, click update.

That's it! Now you're ready to begin tracking incentive activity at each visit.

Recording incentive activity in the visit record:

Record the programs a client participates in by selecting Programs in the visit record; the point or dollar value is ADDED.

Record the supplies a client purchases in by selecting Supplies in the visit record; the point or dollar value is SUBTRACTED.

The clients's point or dollar balance, along with each entry from a visit record is displayed on the EWYL Activity tab in the Client Record.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you need additional help, please call me, Larry Smith at 800-214-6082. Or, email me at

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